Curro Rodriguez - Our favorite contemporary artwork



 Hi Curro, we discovered your work and we fall exceptionally in love. 

Tell us about you. 

It's my first in English, I hope you can understand me...

My name is Curro Rodriguez, I'm from  Chipiona, a small town Cadiz, Spain, but I was living in Madrid the last 3 years, working and studyng. 

I dont work like photographer, maybe I'll look too much dared, but i'm artist. I could work like waiter, fisherman or buildar, for me is the same, i just need time and money to do my personal things, my projects, to materialize my thoughts in artwork. I used to argue with people beacuse i dont want to work like fashion photographer, product photographer or something similar. I could do that, i like fashion, i could do it, i could work in a magazine or like weeding photographer, but i don't want to feel tired doing things that i dont like mixing with my art work. I did it, but now i prefer to hard work in other things and keep fresh my head to create my personal universe, my artwork.


 How do you start to photography ? 

Wow...I started to be interested near to 2000, when a I was 20 years old. I was working in a local Tv lke cameraman, and i liked the vision of the world by my personal window, my clipping. I was working for two years on Tv and then I started to work taking photos in weedings and other events combining with other works, waiter, in a clothes shop, in a jewllery...

I did everything that you can image. I felt tired and i take a break in 2010, I left everything and went to live in London for a year, just to think that i want to do. I tried to study photography there but my economy didn't allow, I could only survive. Come back to Spain and entered in the Arts HIgh School to study Artistic Photography. From there I have been studying photography with a lot of cracks of photography in Spain  and abroad.

I went to Madrid to study for 2 years more in the best academy of Photography ( I was working for 3 years to paid), Master in Contemporary Photography and Personals Projects, and Creativity and sinews in New Photography.  

Now I'm here, in Iceland talking with you...


 Your work is no only a beautiful photography. You work on nature, nudity, sensuality. It's very "spiritual" and in the same time a very precise artwork with composition like a performance. 

Please tell us about your work. 

Since I started to take photographies there was an inquietude about the nature, not only landscapes or natural spaces, i was worried about the senses, the instincts, the urge, the fears of the human. I was trying to understand the why of the human behaviours, why human nature wasn't liberated in every senses. That way has taken me where I am now.


I'm looking in nature the beginning of the fears, why humanity has left those spaces and now there is a gap between nature and men. Why man feels unsteadiness if doesn't have buildings around. Nature here has an important role, nature is alive, rocks are alive, and needs to be part of , needs to recover, to regain the part that human has taken without looking, like if human was the only one with the power to do it.


Now i'm trying to abridge, to simplify. I'm interested in the areas between man and nature, spaces without apparent life, but has hidden a story, an experience, a process. I'm interested in the fight with what man lives that break, as the man faces change. The mechanisms that it uses to control the nature, taming everything that finds under feet. It's too much antropologyc, because I try to use customs and rites that some groups using to worship differents holy things, substracting the human part.



We love same places. What is your way of life ? You were under the sun and now you are in Reijavik. What are your favorite places in the world ? 

That is funny because I arrived to Reykjavik few days ago and all people asking me What are you doing here? Why are you here? and I really don't know. I need changesin my life, when i feel comfortable in a place I need to change. The chill life for me is the worst, my head turn off. I chose Iceland because was really diferent to me, to my known world. I know that the landscapes and nature here ar absolutelly rough, but that didn't was the reason, I really don't know. But I'm falling in love in very little time. The form that the artist here works with the enviroment, with the rocks, with the ice, i never saw  it before. There is too much love between earth and people, the artist shows a great deal of respect to the nature. That is so great.


I don't think too much when i'm gonna change my place, I work with my insticts and I let myself  go, and then I try to find my position in relation with what the enviroment provides me.When I arrived to Madrid i believed that i couln't take pictures because there was only buildings, then a world of posibilitys opened in front of me. Aabandonated quarries, desolated mountains and died woods. Now, is too much early, but i'm already thinking where i will go then... 



My favorite places in the world, this is too dificult, I need to visit a lot of places... I love deserts, rocks. I think the most impressive place that i have seen was Atlas, in Morocco, is wonderfull, just black and shiny rocks, the mountains looks delicated but are magnificient, you feel like a speck of dust. But I don't need the natural wonders of the world to be happy taking photos, I prefer Cabo de Gata in Almeria or a quarry of marble as well. I believe that is really nice to find things in places almost nobody would find anything. 


Tell us about your inspiration: artist, art, music. What is inspiring for you ? 

My main source of inspiration is flamenco, i know it may seems topical, an spaniard inspiring in flamenco cult, but I'm trying to use the hardest and the most rude port of it, using like plaints that man send to the earth and the earth to the man. Flamenco is the oldest music that we have in Spain, and the origin and history is really amazing, but the people only knows the topicals, the polka dot dress and clap hands. Its the expression of a pursued people, that the only had the woods and the fields to live. 

Have a lot of capital artist but for me, those that i use as a source of inspiration are Enrique and Estrella Morente, father and daughter.

But flamenco is not the only, i need to listen experimental music, need broken sounds, like Arca, Sote or Björk, songs where the spirits is crying, screaming. Ambient sounds like Forest Words or Sigur Ros. I have a lot of references, we could use other interview only for musical references.

Federico Garcia Lorca is one of my principal references in literature. His poems are related with the earth and the custums, suffering turned in poetry. Inger Christensen or Gary Snyder help me  to find things that i need to express.

Photographers like Petur Thompsen, Petros Koublis, Gerardo Custance, Andrea Foligni. There aren't landscape or nature photographers, ther are artist, conceptual artist that just use photography like means not as purpose. 

Skins and textures are crucial for you. What do you research in a clothe ? 

I love basics, if you could take a look on my closet you see all black, all  my clothes are black or colours close to black. I like comfortable clothes, adjusted to the body, with modern lines, that make you feel good. White is my other colour, too much basic, I know, but i love white t-shirts, i think is the total look, white t-shirt and  black pants (super skinny for me), you can choose between Dr Martens or snickers (for me never in black)

I like fashion too much, but i don't like to feel like if i was disguised.

 Nous non plus. 

Thank you Curro. 



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